About Us

Who we are
FIRSTLINK COMMUNICATIONS (Since 2017), was established in Nepal as a registered ISP (Internet service provider) with the sole purpose of providing stable high quality Internet Solutions for household as well as business purpose. As we are growing, we are establishing as a leading ISP all over the Eastern Region of Nepal. FIRSTLINK consist of a combination of qualified and experienced telecommunications engineers, fiber technicians and Customer Support specialists leading a new and dynamic convergence in telecommunications solutions. We provide very cost effective technologically advanced, flexible, robust & best in class internet connection for household as well as business use.


By constantly searching for technological innovations that will provide performance-enhancing solutions for our customers, and striving for the highest standards of service, we will continue to champion the advancement of Internet and Business Solutions in Nepal. FIRSTLINK is the leader in bringing innovations to customers with our focus on providing comprehensive and exceptional internet services and support.

Why Choose Us

  • 100% End to End Optical Fiber Connectivity
  • Dedicated Speed
  • Unlimited Speed for Local CDN Contents
  • User Friendly Plans
  • 365 days Customer Support
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Public IP for static connection
  • Redundant Infrastructure